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T900 Website Company - ownership / control recovery

Do you need help to get your WordPress website back
from the website developer or hosting company?

Have your website costs gone up and you want to get away from your current hosting company or website design company. Are you fed up with expensive or non existent support. Do you have to wait till Monday to speak to someone? Is your website broken right now? Do you just want to move to someone new who actually cares about the service they give?

We don’t make promises or offer miracles but with a few details and a description of your current situation we may be able to help. If all goes well, we will copy your files to a place of safety on our servers. If your provider is making it hard to leave, we have various methods to capture as much data as we can from your WordPress website. The price we charge is dependent on the difficulty of the recovery. If we can’t help, we will be honest with you.

My problem was a little different to most. John had to rescue my website from a hosting company that weren't cooperating in any way. He was able to retrieve every single file and move them to a new host with no loss of settings or data. His advice to me throughout the process was excellent and I look forward to contacting him whenever I need a little extra help. On top of all that his rates were very reasonable. Thoroughly recommended.
Neil D
Hon. Publicity Secretary